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i'm frank mallicoat. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. and we are working on a developing story right now out of oakland international airport. federal authorities are investigating the suspicious device there found as a man tried to go through security at the airport last night. according to the alameda county sheriff's office, the man was wearing a watch that looks suspicious and caught the eyes of tsa agents there. he was detained and is now
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being held for questioning. so was money the motive? vallejo police believe a local teen was after ransom when he kidnapped and assaulted a 65- year-old woman last night. the 14-year-old is now behind bars and the woman is in the hospital. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in vallejo with more. >> reporter: there are a lot of disturbing factors about this case. it happened in broad daylight. the victim and the assailant didn't know each other and it was in a popular shopping center late in the afternoon. detectives say it was egregious. >> we had a conversation with the victim. she is incredibly strong, insightful woman. >> reporter: this lieutenant is referring to a 65-year-old woman kidnapped and assaulted at gunpoint by a 14-year-old boy. it started at a shopping center on plaza drive in vallejo late yesterday afternoon. police say the boy forced the woman it drive her minivan a
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few miles, then stopped to assault her both physically and sexually. >> it was an extremely serious violent attack. >> reporter: police say the teen then left the woman unconscious and bound by duct tape in a ditch near hiddenbrooke parkway and highway 80. >> passersby found her, took good care of her and got her treatment. they also provided information to the police which ultimately assisted us in making the arrest. >> reporter: as police gathered clues they say the teen called one of the victim's family members demanding ransom money. police arrested him soon after back at the shopping center still in possession of the woman's van. they say his handgun turned out to be a fake. the 14-year-old is booked into juvenile hall facing a litany of charges including attempted murder, robbery, kidnapping for ransom and carjacking. it will be up to the d.a. if he is going to be charged as
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an adult. live in vallejo, anne makovec, cbs 5. now let's get a check on the weather with lawrence. it's been raining. >> yeah. some breaking news out there. >> yeah. >> we had some rain. >> we got some rain out there. stormy this morning, now it's broken off to showers. scattered showers around the bay area. still pockets of moderate amounts of rain in the santa cruz motts, los gatos, sliding into the san jose area. we're far from done. this is just the first round that came through early on this morning. behind that you will notice this next layer of moisture heading our way looks like some enhancement maybe some thunderstorms embedded in that system that will be pushing in a little later on. let's see if we can time it for you a little better. through the day today, clouds gathering and in the evening hours, here we go, looks like rain picking up about 4:00. by 6:00, pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall. maybe even some embedded thunderstorms and some gusty winds. it could be a wild evening around the bay area. more on your weekend weather
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coming up. back to you two people are missing after an oil rig exploded in the gulf of mexico this morning. four others are now in a hospital near new orleans with serious burns. the coast guard says workers were apparently using a cutting torch when the explosion happened. no oil by the way is leaking and the fire is out. the vig a production platform not a -- the rig is a production platform not a digging platform like the one that blew up in 2010 they have been making bread and snack cakes for 80 years but today his test is brand announced it's closing a victim of changing tastes and financial problems. cate caugiran kit is at the hostess store in oakland. >> reporter: the concern for the people behind me is putting food on the table. now, these people are still standing by their original message even if it meant losing
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their jobs. signs are still up. these people are still standing. their fire for amount and their value still burns. >> i'm just fighting for my rights. and don't take away what i got. >> reporter: hostess products will soon become a novelty. customers will be able to preserve some of its sweetness but the company's 18,000 workers won't. >> devastating. we have members here that have been here for a long time. >> reporter: the household name bakery called it quits this morning. reps say they couldn't keep up with demand after a nationwide strike crippled production. >> we believe in hostess. we believe hostess had a bright future. unfortunately it's not working out that way. there's a lot of sad people today. >> reporter: there were 70 employees here at colombo bakery and now former hostess distributor. workers here joined the national strike last week. now they are moving from the picket lines to the unemployment lines with the holidays just around the corner.
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>> maybe they keep doing all the time and the life is very expensive so we can't afford it right now. >> reporter: moses was a foreman for almost 26 years. now he is worried about supporting his family. >> will be hard for me. i don't think it's any different if i stay here or i go inside. they are going to cut the money anyway and benefits. >> reporter: hostess has a hearing scheduled with the u.s. bankruptcy court on monday. once granted the process of closing stores will go quickly and its products will become a distant memory. most of these workers say there are other bakeries and that they are confident they can find other jobs but at this point hope is all they have and a union that tells them that they will take care of them. live in oakland, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. i think we're all aware that we have some urgent business to do. >> president obama sitting down with congressional leaders today. mr. obama urged lawmakers to work together to keep taxes
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from going up for middle income americans. after the meeting, everyone seemed convinced they will find a solution. >> i believe that we can do this and avert the "fiscal cliff" that is right in front of us today. >> lawmakers have until the first of the year it come up with a budget plan. -- to come up with a budget plan. in a closed hearing on capitol hill, david petraeus testified about the terror attack in benghazi. cbs reporter danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: reporters weren't able to catch a good glimpse of former cia director david petraeus today but he told lawmakers that the initial talking points that came out of the report from benghazi, libya described that event as a terrorist attack and he wasn't sure how or when the account changed. former cia director david petraeus made his first public
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appearance since the sex scandal forced him to resign last week. he testified before congress about the terror attack in benghazi that took the lives of u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three others. behind closed doors, petraeus told lawmakers he believed all along terrorists attacked the u.s. consulate in libya. but petraeus didn't answer a key question: who in the obama administration pinned the attack on demonstrators? >> it went through a long process involving many agencies, he said, department of justice, state department, and no one knows yet exactly who come up with the final version of talking points. >> reporter: five days after the attack, u.n. ambassador susan rice was still blaming a spontaneous demonstration outside the consulate. the obama administration now acknowledges al qaeda was behind the september 11th attack. >> the investigation tells us what you get from the ground, get intelligence, collect it give it over to analysts who review it and then they send it out and it kept evolving over the process.
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>> reporter: reporters were staked out for the general's arrival but he used underground hallways to make his way to the hearing room. petraeus stepped down last week after acknowledging he had an extramarital affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. he didn't comment on the affair during his testimony to lawmakers. but he insisted it did not have any impact on his testimony. and even though he didn't get into specifics about the affair, petraeus did say he was sorry for the circumstances surrounding his resignation and this it had nothing to do with what happened in benghazi, libya. live on capitol hill, danielle nottingham, frank, back to you. >> thank you. the conflict between israel and hamas-led gaza is escalating. earlier an israeli air strike hit the interior ministry in gaza one of multiple targets
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hit by israeli warplanes. three days of strikes killed 23 palestinians. israel said it halted its attacks while the prime minister of egypt visited gaza. but the israeli army also called up 16,000 reservists to prepare for a ground invasion. a woman who claims to be one of john mcafee's girlfriends say she knows he didn't do it but fears for her life. she said she received death threats since he became a person of interest in a murder in belize. he has been in hiding since. >> he will hurt himself unless they ease the pressure off him. he didn't do it. and he said he didn't do it. well, he was here with me and two other girls. >> according to the woman, mcafee has feared for years that the belizian government would kill him after since his home was raided for guns and drugs years ago. the sheriff of san francisco back on the job still on probation for a domestic violence incident is responding
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to requests to give up oversight on certain programs. mirkarimi sat down with us early this morning. he said even though he is the head of the department, he will not oversee programs related to domestic violence. >> my letters to the mayor have been very clear that the fact is i recused myself. they have not offered any specifically other than posing the question, will i detach myself? and i have. >> mirkarimi pleaded guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment charges after an incident with his wife earlier this year. when we come back, facing serious public backlash and a federal investigation. the head of "5-hour energy" defends his company and its drink. >> a utah boy survives an encounter with "baltimore." what a goat did to torment a team when we come back. stay right there. alabama ,,,,
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figuring a federal investigation over deaths linked to its drink the head of "5-hour energy" is speaking out. in an interview with cbs news, "5-hour energy"'s ceo vehemently denies his company's drink is responsible for 13 deaths over the last four years. >> if you look at it, any product, let's say, a young person is susceptible to peanuts, definitely the doctor should tell them, don't have peanuts. if a young person is susceptible -- has this heart condition, then the doctor should say, look, you shouldn't have anything with caffeine in it. now, if they then go have peanuts, you say, well, let's ban peanuts? peanuts are really bad guys. that kind of is silly. >> he says "5-hour energy" contains about the same amount of caffeine as a grande coffee.
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interesting new research shows babies as young as 3 months know the difference between right and wrong. researchers showed infants a scene in which a struggling puppet is helped by another. then the scene repeats with a third puppet being mean to the first. when asked later which puppet they liked, 75% of the time babies chose the nice guy and there's a lot more to this study. you can see the full report this sunday on "60 minutes." but pretty interesting there. >> you know which puppet lawrence took? the bad one. [ laughter ] >> you like the bad guy? >> i am the bad seed, aren't i? >> bad news bear. >> i did have -- it was a tough commute this morning unfortunately for people going home it could be even rougher as we have another line of storms coming through maybe some thunderstorms rumbling through this evening. right now just some scattered showers being picked up on our high-def doppler radar. some of the heavier cells now sliding into the south bay. you can see that over the just merchandise scotts valley and also toward the san jose area, so that's what we have now. just some pop-up showers. but i think things change as we head in toward the latter part of the day as we're expecting
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more of that rain to be moving onshore. outside now mostly cloudy skies over san francisco, looking toward the golden gate bridge. a chance of more scattered showers into the afternoon. but late in the day, rain becoming more likely. the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms, you get into one of those you see some gusty winds even hail. this weekend you're going to need to carry the umbrella. chance of showers over the weekend. so the storm door is wide open. you can see this system off the coastline that next line of storms about to move onshore later on this afternoon. and then this one right behind it to keep things going, keeping us wet throughout the weekend at least during the nighttime hours. i don't think it's going to be a complete washout. timing it out throughout the afternoon, you will see a strong line of storms moving in as we head in toward the evening hours. 8:00 some very heavy rainfall showing up outside and then looks like into saturday maybe a few scattered showers and then that next storm drops in out of the gulf of alaska to make for a stormy saturday night. but by the end of sunday doesn't look too bad. so with that in mind, it looks like the rain totals will be impressive especially for the first storm moving through
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maybe an inch plus in some of the wetter spots. 1.5" plus across the higher peaks so a good soaking this weekend and, of course, that rain turning to snow in the high country, watch out especially saturday night as we are going to see that snow level dropping to about 6,000 feet. so over the passes you will see some snow. temperatures expected to be in the 60s today in most spots. next couple of days unsettled. rain line further north on monday, more rain for everybody on wednesday. by the way, heading out for the holiday ice rink this weekend looking good. maybe just a couple of scattered showers but you guys are going to be at the event tonight. unfortunately, i think it is going to be very stormy out there tonight. be careful. >> we're emceeing the event at the embarcadero. >> a true weatherman would join us. you're not doing it. >> no. will the weather prune tonight's big lighting ceremony? >> i don't think so. roberta gonzales is going to help us. she is already on the ice. >> reporter: i think i'm dizzy!
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so i'm going to call on rosie here. rosie and brad and we'll take it away. we are at the 26th annual holiday carnival here at justin herman plaza and this is the official lighting, thank you so much -- of the embarcadero center. so 26th annual lighting is always so much fun. it officially kicks off the holiday season here in the bay area. steve colvin, i feel like it's been a good year since i have see you. >> welcome back. >> reporter: tell me what to expect? >> today we have the winter carnival which starts at 4 p.m. of the and that's a family oriented event. we have pony rides, face painters, santa, and everything in between 4 to 6 today and then we have the disney on ice show 6 to 7 p.m. and culminates with the building lighting ceremony. >> reporter: the building light something at 6:00 and tell me about that. >> so tonight we'll light the lights of the great buildings. 17,000 lights. we are going to have a special guest who i'm not going to mention right now. we are going to do a big countdown and we are going to
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have the disney on ice skaters here. >> reporter: it's always remarkable because you get to see the lights lit up all year long through new year's eve. if you want more information about the "holiday lighting" right here with frank and michelle, we'll be here live on cbs 5, go to michelle and frank i'll save a piece of ice for you. >> you should! we want to get out there. roberta, thank you. dark and i saw this like figure? and then it made a weird noise like a grunting noise. >> even its name baltimore is sinister in nature. coming up, you'll never believe what kept this kid cornered for more than an hour. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a real-life "baltimore" chased a paperboy up a tree. his owners are harry potter fans. he is a really good lawnmower, but this week the goat got off his chain, and 14-year-old boy was chased headbutted by the goat and he climbed a tree. his friends won't let him forget about it. >> hey, goat boy. hey, guys. people are like why are you scared of goats? that was a freaky goat. i think it's possessed or something. >> he looks scary. police were called when jackson didn't come home. they found him up the tree with
12:23 pm
the goat nearby. got the goat away, got him down the tree and now he has a goat story to tell. >> stay with us. we'll be right back.
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well, today's tip of the day is going to be is pomegranites. they come from california. the season is peaking. there are so many out there and prices are coming down. what's great, they are great for you.
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they have so much nutritional properties and they taste good. they are great in so many different recipes especially on a salad as well as the juice great for you. when you buy them, make sure when you open them up they look like this, nice and red and juicy. and to do that, you want to make sure that that pomegranate is red all the way around. now, if it has a little cracking to it that's okay. that means the seeds inside are big ready to burst. cracks right there isn't bad but be sure you don't see the pomegranites through the crack. store them on the counter at home not in the refrigerator. pomegranites this time of year is like mother nature's gift to us. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> i love pomegranites. >> i love tony. >> i do, too. >> he is downstairs right now. hi, tony! [ laughter ] he was on the way to an mvp season until he tested positive for steroids. melky cabrera from the giants. he had to leave the team. he has a new job. the outfielder signed two years with toronto for $16 million so any slim chance he might be coming back to the giants is
12:27 pm
over. he is off to the american league and the toronto bluejays. >> all right. there you go. one last check on weather? >> stormy weather this afternoon, thunderstorms, heavy rain, gusty winds. should be fun tonight, guys. embarcade at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado
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>> taylor: you know, you really need to see someone about that anger issue of yours. >> brooke: you deserved that slap. you are so out of line. >> taylor: selri

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